Chicoric Acid Property, Use and Production Technology
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Chicoric Acid Property, Use and Production Technology

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Chicoric acid introduction

Cichoric acid is a water-soluble phenolic compound extracted from the dried whole plant of chicory in the composite family. It has the effects of anti-inflammatory, enhancing immune function and inducing cell apoptosis, inhibiting hyaluronidase, and protecting collagen from the influence of free radicals that can lead to degradation.

Chicoric acid source plant

1. Base source

The dried roots, stems, leaves and flowers of chicory in the composite family.

2. Plant morphology

Perennial herb, 40~120 cm high, with grayish white plants. Root hypertrophy. The stem is erect, angular, hollow, with oblique branches and thick apex, with sparse or silky hairs, and few without hairs. The basal leaves and the leaves at the lower part of the stem are inverted pinnately divided to the whole margin, 5~11cm long and 1~2cm wide. The apex lobes are large, the lateral lobes are triangular, and the base gradually narrows into winged petioles; The stem leaves are sessile, the leaves are gradually small, and a few are lanceolate ovate to lanceolate, the upper leaves are small, entire, and the lower part of all leaves is sparsely hairy or silky. The head inflorescence has single stem and branch ends, or 2~3 clusters in the middle and upper axils; Involucre terete, 8-14 mm long; The outer involucre is different in length and shape, the lower part is soft leather, with eyelashes, and the outer part is hairless or hairy; The flowers are all tongue-shaped, and the corolla is blue. Achene apex truncate, crown short, scaly, apex finely toothed. The flowering period is from July to August, and the fruit period is September.wholesale chicoric acid -herb-key

3. Habitat and distribution

Born in the wetland at the foot of the mountain, the seaside barren mountain, etc. Produced in Shenyang, Dalian and other cities.

Chicoric acid extraction method

The traditional extraction process of cichoric acid is thermal reflux extraction, which has a low extraction rate of cichoric acid; At the same time, the traditional extraction method will also destroy the heat-sensitive active ingredients, which is not conducive to the extraction of cichoric acid. In recent years, the research scope of supercritical CO2 fluid extraction technology involves natural products, food, spices, medicine, chemicals, environmental protection and other fields, and has made a series of progress. The yield of dry extract produced by traditional extraction process is low, the content of cichoric acid is low, and the quality fluctuates greatly. The yield of dry extract produced by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction process is much higher, and the quality is stable. The optimum process conditions are: extraction pressure 30MPa, extraction time 2h, extraction temperature 60 ℃, CO2 flow 25kg · h-1, extraction of cichoric acid by adding 10mL · g-1 of 40% ethanol as entrainer, which has the advantages of high extraction rate, good product purity and simple process.

Chicoric acid pharmacological action

In recent years, pharmacological studies in the United States and European countries have shown that cichoric acid can enhance immune function, anti-inflammatory effect, inhibit hyaluronidase, and protect collagen III from the influence of free radicals that can lead to degradation. Recent studies have also shown that cichoric acid can inhibit HIV-1 and HIV-1 integrase.