Alga Chlorella Powder
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Alga Chlorella Powder

Product name: Chlorella powder
Latin name: Chlorella vulgaris
Used Part: frond
Mesh: 100 pass 80 mesh
Active Ingredient: Protein
Appearance: dark green fine powder
Source: Chlorella
Drying Method: spray drying

Alga Chlorella Powder description

Chlorella powder is prepared from the algal body of Chlorella viridis, a universal unicellular green algae. It is rich in chlorophyll, protein, vitamins, minerals, food fiber, nucleic acid and chlorella growth factor (CGF). It is mainly used in the field of food and fermentation.

Alga chlorella powder function and application

1. Chlorella powder can enhance human immunity and reduce blood sugar, lipid and blood pressure.

2. Chlorella powder can obviously enhance physical strength, eliminate fatigue, and strengthen brain power and attention.

3. Chlorella powder has the effect of anti-tumor and adjuvant treatment of leukemia.