Chlorophyll A And Chlorophyll B
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Chlorophyll A And Chlorophyll B

Product name: Chlorophyll a
Appearance: Green to Black Semi-Solid
Molecular formula: C55H72MgN4O5
Molecular weight: 893.49
CAS NO.: 479-61-8
Storage conditions: 2-8°C

Chlorophyll A description

Chlorophyll a is an important pigment contained in a variety of pigments of phytoplankton. In phytoplankton, it accounts for 1% [kg-1.3mm] to 2% of the dry weight of organic matter, which is an indicator for estimating primary productivity and biomass, and it is also a necessary measurement item for red tide monitoring. Chlorophyll a can be used in food processing industry and cosmetics industry.

Chlorophyll A function and application

1. Chlorophyll a can be used as edible green pigment. It is used for cakes, beverages, liqueurs, etc. In fact, plant leaves or dry powder are often used directly. For example, tea powder, Artemisia argyi, spinach, Chlorella, etc.

2. Chlorophyll a is used for coloring soap, mineral oil, wax and essential oil.

3. Derivatives of chlorophyll or chlorophyllin, such as copper chlorophyllin, sodium iron chlorophyllin, sodium copper chlorophyllin, are used as colorants and deodorizers in food, candy, beverages, toothpaste, etc.

Chlorophyll A chemical property

Waxy solid. It is olive green to dark green, depending on the amount of magnesium combined. Slightly smelly. The melting point of chlorophyll a is 150~153 ℃, and that of chlorophyll b is 183~185 ℃.

It coexists with yellow carotene b and lutein in the chloroplast of plant leaves.

It is sensitive to light and heat. It can be saponified and hydrolyzed into bright green chlorophyllin (salt), chlorophyllin and methanol in dilute alkaline solution, and dark green to green brown demagnesified chlorophyll in acid solution. Insoluble in water. Soluble in alcohol, ether, acetone and other fatty solvents.