Chrysanthemum Extract
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Chrysanthemum Extract

Product Name:Chrysanthemum Extract
Source: Dried flower heads of chrysanthemum
Medicinal part: Flower head
Active ingredient: Chrysanthemum flavone

Appearance:Fine brownish yellow powder

Chrysanthemum extract powder introduction

Chrysanthemum extract is extracted from the dried flower heads of chrysanthemum, a plant of the composite family, and its main active components are flavonoids and phenolic compounds. It has various physiological activities such as expanding coronary arteries, lowering blood pressure, preventing hyperlipidemia, antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory, and anti aging. Soybean isoflavones in flavonoids can significantly promote animal growth, improve animal reproductive ability, promote lactation, enhance body immunity, reduce feed costs, have no residues, and no pollution. They are safe and efficient green feed additives, and have great development prospects in the feed industry. Polyphenols have been widely used in medicine, food, tanning, and daily chemical industries, and play an irreplaceable role.

Chrysanthemum flower extract functional indications

Disperses wind and clears away heat, calms liver and improves eyesight. For anemopyretic cold, headache and dizziness, conjunctival congestion and swelling pain, dim eyesight.

Chrysanthemum extract has antibacterial and antiviral effects, clearing heat and reducing inflammation, antioxidant, skin aging prevention. Wild chrysanthemum contains effective ingredients that can be widely used in the treatment of sores, sore throat, red eyes, headache and vertigo. It also has a good antihypertensive effect, can be used in the adjuvant treatment of hypertension.