Cinnamon Essential Oil
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Cinnamon Essential Oil

Product Name:Cinnamon essential oil
CAS NO.:8007-80-5
EINECS NO.: 616-916-4
Appearance:Yellow to reddish brown clear liquid
Aroma: It has the unique spicy, warm and sweet aroma of Chinese cinnamon

Cinnamon leaf oil main components

Cinnamaldehyde (98.2%), followed by α- Hyacinene, 1,8-cineole, p-cymene, camphor, linalool β- Caryophyllene α- Elanene α- Terpineol, geraniol, methyl cinnamate, ethyl cinnamate, eugenol, cinnamol, etc.

Cinnamon leaf oil main efficacy

1. Skin effect: mildly astringe the skin and tighten the sagging skin after weight loss; Promote blood circulation and anti-aging; Remove wart skin.

2. Physiological effect: relieve menstrual pain, treat leucorrhea, relieve muscle spasm and rheumatism, and improve joint pain. It can cure indigestion, flatulence, nausea and diarrhea.

3. Psychological effect: It is extremely effective to soothe exhaustion, weakness and depression.

Cinnamon leaf oil purpose

It can be used to prepare essence for tobacco, beverage, wine and toothpaste. It can also be used in some soaps and aromatic essence. Cinnamaldehyde can be isolated from oil, and cinnamyl alcohol and cinnamate can be further synthesized.

Cinnamon leaf oil pharmacological action

Cinnamomum cassia can expand the peripheral blood vessels, enter the blood circulation, mildly stimulate the gastrointestinal function, help the gastrointestinal exhaust, avoid gastrointestinal spasm, and also promote digestion. In addition, cinnamon can also strengthen the secretion of insulin and remove bad cholesterol in the blood. It not only helps to reduce blood sugar and blood lipids, but also has the therapeutic effect of preventing cancer.