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Product name: cis-6-Nonen-1-ol
Alias: Nonenol; non-6-en-1-ol; (6Z)-non-6-en-1-ol
CAS NO.: 35854-86-5
Molecular formula:C9H18O
Molecular weight:142.24
Appearance: white to yellowish liquid
Aroma:strong oil and melon like aroma

cis-6-Nonen-1-ol product description

Cis-6-nonen-1-ol is a chemical substance with the molecular formula of C9H18O.

cis-6-Nonen-1-ol chemical property

White to yellowish liquid, with strong oil and melon flavor. It is insoluble in water and soluble in non-volatile oil.

cis-6-Nonen-1-ol function and application

Cis-6-nonen-1-ol is used in the formula of food essence, which is mainly used to prepare melon, cucumber, tomato and other edible essence.

cis-6-Nonen-1-ol production method

Sodium butyrgyl is prepared from acetylene and bromoethane in the presence of sodium amine and liquid ammonia, and then mixed with α,ω- Brompentyl alcohol is condensed and hydrogenated with Lindlar (Pd/C) or P-2 (Ni-B) catalyst.