Citrus Reticulata Essential Oil
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Citrus Reticulata Essential Oil

Name: Citrus aurantium oil
CAS No.: 8008-31-9
Boiling point: 178°C (lit.)
Density: 0.846 g/ml at 25°C
Refractive index: n20/D 1.4745

Citrus Reticulata Essential Oil Description

Citrus aurantium oil is also known as orange peel oil or Citrus reticulata oil. A yellow liquid distilled from fresh orange peel. The yield is 1.5%~2% by distillation and about 0.5% by pressing. Citrus oil is a light orange to orange-red liquid.

Citrus Reticulata Essential Oil Main Components

The main components of orange oil are limonene, citral, decanal, N-methyl o-aminobenzoate, etc.

Citrus Reticulata Essential Oil Chemical Properties

Orange red to orange brown volatile essential oil, which is produced from immature fruits and often appears green. It has a comfortable orange aroma. It is soluble in most non-volatile oils, mineral oils and ethanol, slightly soluble in propylene glycol and almost insoluble in glycerol.

Citrus Reticulata Essential Oil Production Method

It is obtained by cold pressing the skin of the mature fruit of the rutaceae plant Citrus reticulatevar. Mandarin. The yield is 0.2%~0.85%. Originated in China and Vietnam, it is now produced in Italy, Spain, the United States, Japan, Greece, Brazil and other countries, with a large output in China.

Citrus Reticulata Essential Oil Functions and Applications

1. Chemical industry application

Mandarin oil can replace a variety of toxic solvents in the chemical industry.

2. Application in food industry

As a natural flavor and pigment, mandarin oil is ideal for bread, pastries, biscuits, milk powder and other foods and beverages.

3. Application in cosmetic industry

As a raw and auxiliary material, mandarin oil produces perfume, moisturizing and cleansing oil, which is bound to be welcomed.

4. Application in the pharmaceutical and health care industry

Citrus aurantium oil is used as the main raw material to make capsules or solvent medicine, which has the effect of "Regulating Qi and blood, eliminating phlegm, harmonizing stomach and spleen, dispersing knots and relieving pain, detoxifying and beautifying, digesting food and relieving alcohol", and can be made into biological health care products, because it is rich in flavonoids and many kinds of vitamins.

5. Agricultural applications

Citrus aurantium oil has strong insecticidal and fungicidal effects. It can be used as a biopesticide in the production of grain, cotton, oilseeds, melons, fruits and vegetables. This "biopesticide" can not only replace some toxic pesticides, but also be welcomed by farmers because of its low cost and good effect.