Cochineal Extract Or Carmine
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Cochineal Extract Or Carmine

Product name: Cochineal extract or carmine
CAS No.:1343-78-8
Molecular Formula: C22H20O13
Molecular Weight: 492.39
Used Part:Whole body
Extraction Type:Solvent Extraction
Appearance:deep red powder
Ingredient:carminic acid≥50%
Storage:in closed containers, in cool and dry place
Shelf life :24 months

Cochineal extract product description

Cochineal extracts are derived from scale insects and have been used for centuries as red dyes or colorants. Cochineal insect is a real insect belonging to Hemiptera. These small insects feed on cactus juice. In order to protect themselves, cochineal insects produce carminic acid, a bright red substance with an unpleasant smell, which makes predators think twice.

Carmine extract function  and application

1. Carmine can be used for coloring food, drugs and cosmetics.

2. Cochineal vermilion can also be used for coloring food, such as candy, drinks and meat products.

3. Cochineal is used in pharmaceutical industry as coating material for tablets and pellets and colorant for capsule shell.