Coconut Milk Powder
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Coconut Milk Powder

Product Name: Coconut powder

Dry coconut powder description

Pure natural coconut flour is made from fresh coconut milk extracted from fresh coconut meat, and then made into powder by spray drying method. Coconut flour is rich in various fatty acids, 18 kinds of amino acids, calcium, zinc, manganese, iron, vitamin C and other nutrients needed by the human body.

Dry coconut powder function and application

1. Coconut flour can be used as a flavoring agent for coffee, milk tea, or cereal.

2. Coconut flour can also be used to cook food. Hainan has a tradition of using coconut to cook rice, stew chicken, steam eggs or make coconut fish head soup. Not only is the coconut fragrance attractive, but it also has a certain nourishing effect.