Coix Seed Extract Powder
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Coix Seed Extract Powder

Product name: Coix seed extract powder
Latin name: Semen Coicis
Specification: 10:1-50:1
Used Part: Seed

Coix powder product description

Coix seed is the dry and mature seed kernel of the gramineous plant Coix. In autumn, when the fruit is mature, the plant is harvested and dried in the sun. The fruit is harvested and then dried in the sun. The shell, yellowish brown seed coat and impurities are removed, and the seed kernel is collected.

Coix seed extract function and application

1. Coix seed has the highest fiber quality among the five cereals. It’s low-fat and low calorie. Therefore, it’s the best staple food for weight loss.

2. It is also rich in protein, oil, vitamins, minerals and sugars. It has whitening and spot removing functions.

3. It can resist oxidation, remove free radicals, protect skin and resist skin aging.