Colloidal Silica (medicinal Excipients)
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Colloidal Silica (medicinal Excipients)

Product name: Colloidal silica (medicinal excipients)
CAS No.: 7631-86-9
Molecular Formula: SiO2
Molecular Weight: 60.08
Appearance: White loose powder
Storage: Sealed storage

Colloidal silica product description

Colloidal silica is produced by the gas-phase hydrolysis of chlorosilanes, for example with silicon tetrachloride, prepared by flaming with hydrogen and oxygen at 1800°C. Colloidal silica is widely used in oral and some topical preparations and is generally considered to be a non-toxic, non-irritating excipient.

Colloidal silica powder function and application

1. Colloidal silica is widely used in pharmaceuticals, cosmetics and food.

2. The small particle size and large specific surface area give it the desired flowability, a feature that can be used in many processes to improve the flowability of dry powders, such as the tablet pressing process.

3. Colloidal silica can also be used to stabilize emulsions, as thixotropic viscosity builder and suspension aid in gels and semi-solid formulations.

4. Together with other components with similar refractive index, colloidal silica can form transparent gels.