Cranberry Powder
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Cranberry Powder

Product name: Cranberry Powder
Botanical name: Vaccinium macrocarpon
Used part:fruit
Test Method:TLC
Grade:Food Grade
Specification: 80 mesh
Shelf Life:2 years
Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Cranberry concentrate powder product description

Cranberry powder is a kind of fruit powder extracted from fresh cranberry fruit. Cranberry is mainly a kind of fruit grown in North America. It grows in the water and the fruit floats on the water. Cranberry fruit is a red round fruit. This fruit is rich in nutrition, which can protect women's private used parts and urinary system, and also has some anti-inflammatory effects.

Cranberry extract powder function and application

1. Cranberry powder has the functions of diuresis and detoxification, beauty, anti-oxidation and cardiovascular protection. Proper eating can prevent the growth and reproduction of a variety of pathogenic bacteria, enhance immunity and prevent urinary tract infection.

2. Cranberry powder contains a lot of bioflavones, which can strongly resist free radicals and prevent aging, Alzheimer's and other phenomena.

3. Cranberry powder can adhere Helicobacter pylori to the gastric wall and reduce the risk of gastric mucosal infection, gastric ulcer and intestinal ulcer.