Cumin Essential Oil
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Cumin Essential Oil

Product name: Cumin Oil
Alias: cuminumcyminum,Cumin Seed Oil
CAS NO.: 8014-13-9
EINECS NO.: 616-945-2
Appearance: colorless or yellowish to brown liquid

Cumin essential oil description

Cumin oil can be obtained from the mature fruit of cumin (also known as cumin celery), an umbrella plant, after drying and crushing, and then steam distillation. Cumin Oil is a colorless or yellowish to brown volatile essential oil, which has a strong and somewhat unpleasant unique pungent fragrance. The main components of cumin seed oil include linolenic acid, oleic acid, α- Linolenic acid, unsaturated fatty acid, fat companion, 1% essential oil, vitamin E, phytosterol.

Cumin essential oil function and application

Cumin oil is used as a pungent seasoning agent, mostly for pungent seasoning of meat. It can be used for seasoning in meat processing, as well as in pickled products, jam, cheese, soups, cakes, bread, etc.