Cumin Powder
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Cumin Powder

Product name: Cumin Powder
Used part:Seed
Appearance: brown powder
Active Ingredient:Apigenin
Specification: 4:1-100:1
Test method:TLC

Cumin powder product description

Cumin powder is one of the most commonly used condiments in life. It is mainly made by blending and grinding a variety of spices. It is often used to cook beef and mutton, which can remove the fishy smell and make the meat more fresh and tender.

Cumin extract function and application

1. Processing beef and mutton with cumin powder can dispel fishiness and greasiness, make the meat more delicious and fragrant, and increase people's appetite.

2. Cumin powder has the effects of refreshing the brain and dredging the pulse. It can dispel cold and dehumidification and relieve pain. It has curative effect on dyspepsia, stomach cold pain, kidney deficiency and frequent defecation.

3. Cumin powder can not only dispel the fishy smell of meat and enhance people's appetite, but also has the function of antisepsis and sterilization.