Cypress Oil
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Cypress Oil

Product Name:Cypress Oil
CAS NO.:8013-86-3
Appearance:Colorless or light yellow essential oil
EINECS NO.: 616-942-6

Cypress essential oil description

The essential oil of cypress is extracted from the fresh leaves and cones of cypress by distillation. The essential oil is colorless or light yellow. The essential oil of cypress emits a soft woody fragrance and pleasant amber fragrance, as if you were in a tall cypress forest, and your mind is clear and excited.

Cypress essential oil main components

Tielene (65%, especially β Pinene and terpineol), cedarol, cedar camphor, some acids and tannins.

Cypress essential oil main efficacy

1. It can astringe and soothe skin, regulate oil secretion, tighten pores, and it is the best choice for moisturizing;

2. It is effective for menstruation problems, such as premenstrual syndrome and side effects of menopause;

3. It is effective for varicose veins.

With essential oil

1. Cypress mixed with citrus essential oil is an excellent nourishing agent.

2. Cypress mixed with rose can nourish the face.

3. Frankincense can lead to the burning smell of cypress.

Cypress oil application

1. Skin care

Cypress essential oil can astringe and relieve skin, regulate oil secretion, and tighten pores; It can control water loss, help mature skin, and regulate sweaty and oily skin. Cypress essential oil promotes scarring function and is beneficial to wound healing. Therefore, the use of cypress essential oil to maintain oily skin, coarse pores and aging skin will have a good effect.

2. Physical maintenance

Cypress essential oil has a good astringent effect. All diseases such as excessive body fluid, gum bleeding, gallbladder pain and excessive menstrual blood caused by edema, incontinence can be treated with Cypress essential oil. In reproductive system, cypress essential oil can regulate ovarian function; Regulating menstrual cycle can reduce menstrual pain and abnormal bleeding; Relieve premenstrual syndrome, menopausal reaction (such as facial flushing, irritability, etc.), etc. Cypress essential oil also has a good effect on varicose veins. When using it, just smear it. Do not massage the part with varicose veins. The anti spasticity effect of cypress essential oil can help cough, bronchitis, whooping cough and asthma accompanied by influenza, and also reduce muscle pain and rheumatic pain.

3. Mind maintenance

Cypress essential oil can eliminate fatigue, relieve anger, relieve internal tension and pressure, and purify the soul.

4. Household daily use

For most urban people, the living room is the center of the family, and also the place where family life interacts with the whole family. The fragrance expressed by cypress essential oil makes your living room like a forest or part of nature, full of vitality, and also adds family harmony.