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Product Name: D(+)-Carvone
CAS NO.:2244-16-8
Molecular formula: C10H14O
Molecular weight: 150.22
EINECS NO.: 218-827-2
Appearance:Colorless to light yellow oily liquid
Storage condition: Low temperature ventilation and drying of warehouse

D(+)-Carvone description

The appearance of the product is colorless to light yellow oily liquid. It has aromas of parsley, dill seeds and black bread. The boiling point is 230 ℃. It is soluble in propylene glycol, vegetable oil, mineral oil and ethanol, but insoluble in glycerol and water. The natural product is the main component of parsley oil (50% ~ 60%) and dill seed oil, and it also contains mint oil and fennel.

D(+)-Carvone function and application

It is mainly used to prepare dill sweet wine, pickles and spices essence.

It is also used as a synthetic perfume.