Dandelion Flower Extract
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Dandelion Flower Extract

Product Name:Dandelion Extract
CAS NO.:84775-55-3
Family: Asteraceae
Genus: Dandelion
Parts used: Whole plant

Pure dandelion root extract plant source

The source of dandelion extract is the dried whole herb of Compositae dandelion, Alkaline dandelion or several plants of the same genus. Dandelion is a perennial herb of Compositae. It has flower heads and pompons formed by white pistils on the seeds. After the flowers bloom, they float to new places with the wind to give birth to new life. The dandelion extract enriches the active ingredients in the dandelion medicinal material, which contains a variety of active substances and is rich in phenolic compounds. In particular, caffeic acid and chlorogenic acid are high in content, and have broad-spectrum antibacterial, choleretic, liver-protecting, anti-endotoxin, stomach-enhancing and immune-stimulating effects. It is used to treat acute mastitis, lymphadenitis, urinary tract infection, etc. . Dandelion also contains a variety of healthy and nutritious active ingredients and rich in trace elements such as calcium, iron, selenium, etc., so it has very important nutritional value.

Dandelion whole plant extract function

Dandelion extracts are used to treat liver and gallbladder blockages, improve liver function, stimulate bile secretion and act as a diuretic.

1. Correct liver function

Dandelion extract is used for liver inflammation and congestion. One of the most effective detoxifying herbs, it acts to filter toxins and waste from the bloodstream, gallbladder, liver and kidneys. It stimulates bile secretion and helps the body get rid of excess water produced by the damaged liver. The Australian Journal of Medicinal Herbalism, Vol. 3(4), 1991 mentions two experiments, one by Vivarelli in 1938 and the other in England, which demonstrated the hepatoprotective properties of dandelion. They found that dandelion was successful in treating hepatitis, hydrohepatic fluid, jaundice and indigestion which are accompanied by abnormal gallbladder secretion. It is also used in the early stages of cirrhosis of the liver, such as alcoholic cirrhosis.

2. Choleretics

Dandelion extract flavonoids double the flow of bile. This role is critical in the detoxification process, as bile flow is the natural secretory process that transports toxins from the liver to the intestine, where they are excreted. A British study found that in addition to increasing bile flow, dandelion extract can restore bile function. Its choleretic effect is useful for inflammation of the liver and gallbladder, removal of gallstones and congestion, and jaundice.

3. Diuretics

Dandelion leaf extract is a powerful diuretic. Unlike many traditional diuretics, dandelion leaf does not leach potassium from the body. In fact, dandelion leaves contain so much of this mineral that they even function as a potassium supplement. This diuretic effect is reliable in the use of dandelion in the treatment of hypertension.