Dark Plum Powder
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Dark Plum Powder

Prodcut name: dark plum powder
Latin Name: Prunus mume(Sieb.)Sieb.etZuce
Specification: 100 mesh
Appearance: Brown fine powder

Black plum powder product description

Dark plum powder is processed by spray drying technology with dark plum as raw material, which keeps the original flavor to a large extent. It is commonly used in food processing field.

Dark plum powder function and application

1. Protect the intestines and stomach

Dark plum powder has the function of disinfection and also prevents food from spoiling in the intestines and stomach.

2. Increase appetite

Black plum powder can relieve long term anorexia.

3. Cough relieving

Dark plum powder is astringent and astringent. It can astringe the lung and relieve cough. It is used for lung deficiency and long cough with little phlegm or dry cough without phlegm.  

4. Stop diarrhea

Black plum powder can astringe intestines and stop diarrhea. It can be used for long-term diarrhea due to spleen deficiency or sliding diarrhea of large intestine.

5. Relieve pain

It can soothe Ascaris and relieve abdominal pain. It can be used to treat abdominal pain, vomiting and even limb chills caused by Ascaris lumbricoides in biliary tract or intestinal tract.