Poly Delta Decalactone
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Poly Delta Decalactone

Product Name: Delta-decalactone
Alias: δ-Decalactone;2H-Pyran-2-one, tetrahydro-6-pentyl-;
CAS NO.: 705-86-2
Molecular formula: C10H18O2
Molecular weight: 170.25
EINECS NO.: 211-889-1
Appearance:Colorless to light yellow clear viscous liquid
Storage condition:Sealed in dry,Room Temperature

Delta-decalactone product description

Delta Decalactone, also known as δ- Decanolactone, which has strong and lasting cream flavor, it is an important raw material for preparing milk and cream essence, and it is also widely used to prepare coconut chemical book, strawberry, peach and other spices. Delta Decalactone is widely used in margarine, ice cream, soft drinks, sweets, baked foods and seasonings, and the market demand is large.

Delta-decalactone physical and chemical properties

Appearance: Colorless to light yellow clear viscous liquid.

Aroma: Creamy, coconut and peach-like fruity aroma.

Refractive index (20°C): 1.457--1.461.

Boiling point (°C): 117--120/2.7Pa.

Relative density (25/25°C): 0.968--0.974 .

Flash point (℃): greater than 100.

Solubility: Soluble in alcohol, vegetable oil and propylene glycol; insoluble in water, contact with water will produce hydrolysis reaction, and may also produce polymerization reaction.

Acid value: up to 5

Delta-decalactone presence and preparation

1. Existence

In addition to artificial synthesis, it also exists in coconut and covered plate

2. Preparation

5-amyl cyclopentanone is prepared by oxidation with peracid

Delta-decalactone function and application

Delta Decalactone is used for edible essence, high-grade edible flavor, daily essence and other functional additives.

Among the daily chemical essence, Delta Decalactone is widely used in various cream flavors and it has a good fragrance fixing effect in typical household products; In food essence, it can be used in various fruit flavor, mango flavor, apricot flavor, cream chocolate and dairy products, and it can replace coumarin.