Delta-octalactone Organic
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Delta-octalactone Organic

Product Name: Delta-octalactone
Alias: 5-Hydroxyoctanoic acid lactone
CAS NO.: 698-76-0
Molecular formula: C8H14O2
Molecular weight: 142.2
EINECS NO.: 211-820-5
Appearance:Colorless to yellowish clear liquid.
Storage condition:Store in a sealed container in a cool and dry place. Store away from oxidants.

Delta-octalactone Organic description

Delta octalactone is a colorless to yellowish liquid with cocoa, coconut and cream like aroma. It is naturally found in spices and dairy products. It is insoluble in water and glycerol, and easily soluble in alcohol organic solvents.

Delta-octalactone Organic function and application

It is used in edible essence and daily chemical essence. It is widely used in all kinds of flower fragrance, fruit fragrance (tropical fruit and coconut flavor), Oriental flavor and oak moss type, and it has a good fragrance fixing effect.