Details of angelica oil efficacy and use methods
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Details of angelica oil efficacy and use methods

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Angelica oil is an essential oil extracted from the root of Angelica sinensis. Angelica is a dense foliage plant with fern-like leaves and white flowers. Angelica oil originated in Europe has good healing properties and is considered sacred. History records that the rhizomes of this plant have been chewed since 1660 to ward off plagues, and its roots and seeds are believed to purify the air when burned.

Angelica archangelica oil efficacy and role

1. Tire protection

Angelica oil is a kind of health care product suitable for pregnant women. It can play a significant role in preventing fetuses, and can relieve human fetal movement anxiety. In addition, women can also take appropriate amount of Angelica oil when threatened abortion occurs, which can significantly protect the fetus. It is of great benefit to the development of the fetus in the womb.

2. Nourishes blood and activates blood

Invigorating blood and promoting blood circulation is also an important effect of angelica oil. Usually, when people have anemia, they can take some angelica oil in moderation, which can relieve the symptoms of anemia as soon as possible. In addition, people can also take an appropriate amount of angelica oil when congestion occurs, which can restore Qi and blood circulation. normal.

3. Relieve spasmsangelica oil cost -HerbKey

Angelica oil is also a traditional Chinese medicine that can ventilate and relieve spasm. It has a significant therapeutic effect on human pain caused by spasm. In addition, when women have dysmenorrhea or irregular menstruation, timely consumption of an appropriate amount of Angelica oil can make these symptoms very difficult. Lighten up quickly.

Medicinal value of angelica root oil

1. Treat arthritis

Angelica oil is a good medicine for the treatment of human arthritis. During the treatment, it is necessary to mix the prepared angelica oil with various plant essential oils such as soy sauce, Chuanxiong oil and wood balsam oil, and then apply it directly on the painful joints. Moderate massage, after the body absorbs these plant essential oils, the inflammation can subside, and the pain symptoms can be quickly relieved.

2. Treatment of chronic bronchitis

Angelica oil contains a variety of natural medicinal ingredients. It has a significant therapeutic effect on chronic bronchitis in humans. During treatment, a small amount of angelica oil needs to be taken and diluted with warm water. It can make cough caused by human bronchitis. The excessive phlegm and asthma disappear quickly, and the human respiratory system can be restored to health as soon as possible.

Angelica essential oil usage

1. Massage

There are many uses of Angelica essential oil, the easiest way is to use massage techniques, and it is also one of the most effective methods. According to each person's different physical conditions, use different levels of essential oils and massage on the body. When massaging, apply essential oil on your hands for massage. The essential oil is not easy to be too much. After the massage, wash the skin, and do not leave more angelica essential oil on the skin.

2. Shower

Angelica essential oil is used in the shower to help clear fatigue, restore physical strength, relieve fatigue, and relax the body.

In the case of a shower, an average adult can drop 4-5 drops of Angelica essential oil, which needs to be stirred to disperse the essential oil. The best bath time is about 20 minutes. Adding Angelica essential oil when taking a bath can improve the blood circulation of the skin very well.

3. Diffuse

Use 3-4 drops in a diffuser of your choice, or inhale directly

4. Topical use

Use 1-2 drops on the desired area. For children or those with sensitive skin, please dilute with carrier oil to reduce skin sensitivity.

5. Promote blood and nourish blood

3 drops of angelica, 3 drops of frankincense, 3 drops of vetiver, 2 drops of black pepper, 2 drops of permanent flower, diluted 1:10 with coconut oil, apply to the chest, back and pericardium. It can be used together with Terry Vitality Compound.

6. Asthma, cough

2 drops of Angelica sinensis, 2 drops of bay leaf, 1 drop of cardamom, 1 drop of eucalyptus, drip into the diffuser, aromatherapy, inhale, and dilute and apply to the chest and throat at the same time.

7. Endocrine disorders, menopausal syndrome

3 drops of angelica, 2 drops of clary sage, 2 drops of sweet fennel, 2 drops of geranium, 1 drop of rose, diluted with coconut oil and applied to the lower abdomen, groin and buttocks.

8. Pigmentation, dull complexion

3 drops of Angelica sinensis, 10 drops of yarrow, 10 drops of geranium, 5 drops of celery seed, 5 drops of frankincense, diluted with coconut oil 1:20 in an essential oil bottle, apply an appropriate amount and massage on the face.