Details of brown rice protein powder efficacy and extraction technology
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Details of brown rice protein powder efficacy and extraction technology

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What is brown rice protein powder?

Brown rice protein powder is a concentrated protein powder extracted from whole grain brown rice. It adopts wet processing and all-natural manufacturing process. The shell is refined. This special process uses sprouted and fermented brown rice as raw material. The ingredients are all natural and easily absorbed by the body, which are made of non-GMO sprouted brown rice, hypoallergenic and completely dairy and lactose free. They can help to grow and repair muscles.

Organic rice protein powder extraction process

The rice is pre-selected, and weeds and sundries are removed with a vibrating cleaning screen; after the rice is magnetically separated, the rice is removed by a suction-type specific gravity stoner, peel off the shell of the paddy, and the rest enter the grain separation sieve for sorting, and the uncleaned paddy returns to the hulling separator to be shelled again. After shelling, it is brown rice, brown rice enters the grinding wheel peeling machine, and separates and extracts the first brown rice coarse-grained brown rice flour; brown rice then enters the iron bar peeling machine through the hoist, and separates and extracts the second brown rice medium-grain brown rice powder; brown rice is then peeled off by another iron bar Machine, separate and extract the third brown rice fine grain brown rice flour; brown rice then enters the polished rice polishing machine, separates polished brown rice flour, and the polished rice enters the polished rice sieve for sorting, and then enters the automatic packaging machine for packaging.

Coarse-grained brown rice flour, medium-grained brown rice flour, fine-grained brown rice flour, and polished brown rice flour extracted after one peeling, two peeling, and three peelings are mixed and sieved, and the finished brown rice flour can be formulated as required Then, the formula brown rice flour is puffed and enzyme-inactivated, the brown rice flour is finely sieved and then subjected to high temperature treatment, and then measured and vacuum-packed.

The coarse-grained brown rice flour that has been peeled off once, the medium-grained brown rice flour that has been peeled twice, and the fine-grained brown rice flour that has been peeled three times can be outputted through the same channel in proportion to the coarse-grained brown rice flour. Carry out the proportioning, or carry out proportioning after the coarse-grained brown rice flour, medium-grained brown rice flour and fine-grained brown rice flour are output through their respective channels.

Organic brown rice protein powder unique effects

1. Rice bran contains a lot of dietary fiber and resistant starch, which can improve the intestinal microecological balance, increase the beneficial flora in the intestine, increase gastrointestinal motility, soften feces, effectively eliminate toxins from the body, and effectively improve constipation. Prevention of large and rectal cancer.

2. The role of prevention and treatment of oral ulcers

Eating brown rice is good for oral health, mainly because the rich zinc and iron elements contained in brown rice play an important role in the integrity and repair of the oral mucosa.

3. Sedative and antihypertensive effect

The aminobutyric acid and oryzanol in brown rice act on the vascular motor center of the brain, which can prevent and relieve hypertension by calming the cerebral nerves and dilating blood vessels. Unsaturated fatty acids in germ have brain brown rice protein powder -Herbkey

4. Skin beautifying effect

Brown rice contains a lot of phytic acid and ferulic acid, which can eliminate free oxygen free radicals in the human body, reduce the damage of ultraviolet rays to the skin, inhibit the production of melanin in the skin, and achieve the effect of skin beautification. It is rich in vitamins, but also promotes blood circulation. It's a good helper for improving human immunity. Vitamins have anti-aging properties. Women can eat more to maintain their beauty.

5. Slimming effect

Compared with the white rice we eat every day, brown rice contains more minerals and dietary fiber, which can well regulate body secretion, promote human metabolism, and help lose weight; the rich dietary fiber can increase the production of beneficial bacteria in the intestine. Growth, speed up the peristalsis of the intestines, soften stool. At the same time, dietary fiber also has a good sense of satiety, which can increase satiety and help dieters control their appetite.

6. Lose weight and protect the stomach

Eating brown rice is especially beneficial for people with diabetes and obesity. Because the carbohydrates in it are wrapped by crude fibrous tissue, the human body digests and absorbs slowly, so it can control blood sugar well; at the same time, the trace elements of brown rice are beneficial to improve insulin sensitivity, which is very suitable for people with impaired glucose tolerance. help. Japanese studies have shown that brown rice has a much lower glycemic index than white rice, and it has a better satiety when eating the same amount, which is conducive to controlling food intake, thereby helping obese people lose weight.

7. The vitamin E rich in germ can promote blood circulation and effectively maintain body functions.

8. Brown rice flour can normalize cell function and maintain endocrine balance.

9. Brown rice flour has the effect of connecting and decomposing radioactive substances such as pesticides, thereby effectively preventing the absorption of harmful substances in the body and achieving the effect of cancer prevention.

10. Brown rice flour can improve human immunity, promote blood circulation, eliminate depression and irritability, and prevent cardiovascular disease and colon cancer.

11. Relieve fatigue

Brown rice flour is rich in vitamin E and vitamin B family. The vitamin B family can convert glucose into energy and relieve fatigue. Eating brown rice flour paste can also improve human immunity. It is a favorite food for the brain and the body.