Dextrin (pharmaceutical excipients)
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Dextrin (pharmaceutical excipients)

Product name: Dextrin (pharmaceutical excipients)
CAS No.: 9004-53-9
Molecular Formula: C18H32O16
Specification: 25kg
Appearance: White, yellow or brown liquid powder
Storage: Sealed storage

Dextrin pharmaceutical excipients product description

Dextrin is a cyclic oligosaccharide compound. Dextrins can be prepared by heating starch in the dry state with or without the aid of appropriate acids and buffers to incompletely hydrolyze the starch; moisture can be passed through during the heating process. phEur 2002 contains that dextrins are derived from corn (maize) or potato starch. Dextrin is generally considered to be non-toxic and non-irritating at the doses applied as an excipient.

Pharmaceutical dextrin function and application

1. Dextrin can be used as a suspension aid; binder for tablets; diluent for tablets and capsules.

2. Dextrin is a polymer of glucose and is used as an adhesive and hardener for surgical dressings.

3. Dextrin is used as diluent for tablets and capsules; binder for tablet granules.

4. Dextrin is used as a sugar source for people with special nutritional needs due to its low electrolyte content and its absence of lactose and sucrose.

5. Dextrins are also used in cosmetics.