Dextrin Pharmaceutical Grade
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Dextrin Pharmaceutical Grade

Product Name: Dextrin pharmaceutical grade
CAS NO.: 9004-53-9
Molecular formula: C18H32O16
Molecular weight: 504.43708
EINECS NO.: 232-675-4

Dextrin pharmaceutical grade product description

Dextrin is a technical term used to measure the cooking process of raw materials. When starch is decomposed and hydrolyzed under the action of heating, acid or amylase, the macromolecular starch is first converted into the intermediate substance of small molecules. At this time, the intermediate small molecule substance is called dextrin.

Dextrin pharmaceutical grade organic function and application

1. As a covering agent and adsorbent in powdered cosmetics, it has a good effect on enhancing the luster and elasticity of the skin and protecting the skin;

2. It can replace part of CMC in toothpaste production, and it can improve the structure of toothpaste as thickener and stabilizer;

3. As a filler in the production of various chemical solvents, it can improve the stability of products and prolong the service life.