Dihydromyrcenol Natural
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Dihydromyrcenol Natural

Product Name: Dihydromyrcenol
Alias:DIHYDROMYRCENOL(SG);DIHYDROMERCENOL;2-Methyl-6-methylenoct-7-en-ol, Dihydroderivat;
CAS NO.: 53219-21-9
Molecular formula: C10H20O
Molecular weight: 156.27
EINECS NO.: 258-432-2
Appearance:colorless liquid

Dihydromyrcenol Natural description

Dihydromyrcenol is mainly obtained from the addition of dihydrolaurene (formed from the cracking of pinane, the hydrogenation product of pinene) with water and formic acid under the catalysis of acid.

Dihydromyrcenol Natural function and application

It is used to prepare essence for daily use and soap.