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Product name: DL-Methionine
Alias: DL-2-Amino-4-(methylthio)butyric acid; DL-Methoionine; 3-Methyl Amino Propionitrile; (+/-)-2-Amino-4-(methylthio)butyric acid~H-DL-Met-OH
CAS NO.: 59-51-8
Molecular formula: C5H11NO2S;CH3SCH2CH2CH(NH2)COOH
Molecular weight: 149.211
Appearance: white Crystal to Powder
Purity: ≥99% (NT) (TLC)

DL-Methionine product description

DL-Methionine is a chemical substance. DL-Methionine is particularly important for the protection of liver function. It promotes hair and nail growth, and has detoxifying and muscle-activating effects.

DL-Methionine powder function and application

1. DL-Methionine can be used as feed additive.

2. DL-Methionine is used as a nutritional supplement. It has the same physiological effect as L-type methionine, but the price is low (L-type is made from DL type), so DL-Methionine is generally used. It is a restricted amino acid in oats, rye, rice, corn, wheat, peanut powder, soybeans, potatoes, spinach and other plant foods.