Dry Shellfish
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Dry Shellfish

Product name: Dry shellfish
Alias: Disodium succinate
CAS NO.: 150-90-3
Molecular formula: C4H4Na2O4·nH2O(n=6或0)
Molecular weight: Hexahydrate 270.14; Anhydrous 162.05
Appearance: white crystalline particles or crystalline powder
Purity: 99%

Dry shellfish product description

Disodium succinate is an organic substance, commonly known as dry shellfish, which has two forms: crystalline disodium succinate and anhydrous disodium succinate.

Disodium succeed is an organic acid food flavoring agent licensed in China. It is often used in combination with sodium glutamate, and the general dosage is about 10% of sodium glutamate.

Dry shellfish function and application

1. Dry shellfish is the disodium salt of succinic acid, which is non-volatile, because it is a strong base weak acid salt, which has a buffering effect in the solution, so it can prevent food from acidifying, alleviate the stimulation of other condiments (such as salty taste), and produce delicious taste.

2. Dry shellfish is a widely used fresh flavoring agent in condiments in recent years.