Ergothioneine Powder
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Ergothioneine Powder

Product name:Ergothioneine Powder
Appearance:White solid
CAS No.:497-30-3
Molecular Formula:C9H15N3O2S
Molecular Weight::229.3
EINECS No.:207-843-5
Storage:A cool and dry place

Ergothioneine powder description

Ergothioin is a natural antioxidant, which can protect cells in the human body. It is an important active substance in the body. Natural antioxidants are safe and non-toxic, and have become a research hotspot. Ergothioin, as a natural antioxidant, has come into people's view. It has many physiological functions, such as scavenging free radicals, detoxifying, maintaining DNA biosynthesis, normal cell growth and cellular immunity.

Ergothioneine powder preparation method

There are three methods for the preparation of ergothione: chemical synthesis, extraction, and biological fermentation synthesis.

It is very difficult to synthesize L-ergothioneine by chemical methods. Several synthetic methods have not achieved the expected yield due to partial or complete racemization. The difficulty of the synthesis is that it is difficult to prepare the raw material 2-mercaptoimidazole, and the acidity of the α-position carbon makes the reaction prone to racemization. OXIS International Corporation was the first to develop a highly efficient and commercial method for synthesizing ergothioneine and applied for a patent in 1995. The method is to introduce a sulfhydryl group into the imidazole ring. However, because the safety of chemically synthesized products is difficult to be guaranteed, the synthetic raw materials are expensive, the synthetic cost is high, and the selling price of the product is high, so that the application of ergothioneine is limited.

The natural biological extraction method extracts ergotaione from the fruiting bodies of edible fungi, pig blood, animal tissues, ergot, and grains. However, the content of ergotaione in the above-mentioned raw materials is still very low, and there are many problems with the raw materials such as impurities, drug residues, and high extraction costs, which limit the application of ergotaione and are not suitable for industrialization;

Biosynthesis of ergothione using mushroom mycelium submerged fermentation technology is the mainstream direction of low-cost large-scale production of ergothione. It can effectively improve the yield of ergothione and reduce production costs through fermentation process control methods such as metabolic regulation. More importantly, it can ensure the safety of the product and expand the application space of ergothione.

L-ergothioneine powder function  and application

1. Ergothioneine powder has good antioxidant effect and is often used as an antioxidant.

2. Ergothioneine powder is added to cosmetics as a skin protector.

3. Ergothioneine powder is used in the fields of medical treatment, food and health care products.