Estragole Herbs
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Estragole Herbs

Product Name: Estragole
CAS NO.: 140-67-0
Molecular formula: C10H12O
Molecular weight: 148.202
Appearance:Colorless liquid with an anise odor
Storage condition:Sealed and stored in a dry and cool place.

Estragole herbs product description

1. Stable under normal temperature and pressure.

2. Harmful orally, irritating to eyes, respiratory system and skin.

3. Exist in flue-cured tobacco leaves.

4. Naturally found in turpentine, various basil oils and tarragon oils.

Estragole herbs function and application

Artemisinin is a relatively nontoxic volatile terpenoid ether that is a major constituent of many plant essential oils. It has strong local anesthetic activity and can block nerve excitation in a dose-dependent manner. It also has anti-Toxoplasma activity.