Ethyl Anthranilate
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Ethyl Anthranilate

CAS NO.:87-25-2
Molecular formula:C9H11NO2
Molecular weight:165.19
Appearance:Colorless to amber liquid
EINECS NO.: 201-735-1
Storage condition:Keep in dark place,Inert atmosphere,Room temperature

Ethyl Anthranilate Introduction

Ethyl anthranilate naturally exists in grapes, with orange blossom and grape aroma, and its aroma is gentler than methyl anthranilate. Ethyl o-aminobenzoate can be used in the formulation of daily chemical essence, and it can be used to prepare jasmine, orange flower and other fragrant essence.

Ethyl Anthranilate Preparation

At present, ethyl o-aminobenzoate can be prepared mainly by the following two methods: ① using o-aminobenzoic acid as raw material, esterification with ethanol under the action of concentrated sulfuric acid or hydrochloric acid; ② Ethyl o-aminobenzoate was synthesized from o-toluidine by amidation, oxidation, hydrolysis and esterification.

Ethyl Anthranilate Chemical properties

The product is a colorless to amber liquid, which will solidify when it is cooled slightly, showing the aroma of orange and grape. The boiling point is 267 ℃, and the melting point is 13 ℃. Flash point 66 ℃. Soluble in ethanol, propylene glycol and most non-volatile oils.

Ethyl Anthranilate Purpose

It is used in organic synthesis, as well as as perfume and preservative. This product has orange blossom and grape like fragrance. The main kinds of anthranilate used as perfume are methyl anthranilate, geranyl anthranilate, phenyl ethyl anthranilate and ethyl anthranilate. The aroma characteristics of methyl esters are the most interesting.