Eucalyptus Oil Essential Oil
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Eucalyptus Oil Essential Oil

Product Name: Eucalyptus oil
CAS NO.: 8000-48-4
Molecular formula: C10H18O
Molecular weight: 154.25
EINECS NO.: 616-775-9
Appearance: Colourless to pale yellow liquid

Eucalyptus essential oil product description

Eucalyptus oil is a colorless or light yellow liquid. The relative density is 0.9040-0.9350, the refractive index is 1.4580-1.4700, and the specific rotation is + 10 ° - 10 °. There is a pungent smell of cool medicine.

Organic eucalyptus oil introduction

Eucalyptus oil is extracted by steam distillation of eucalyptus leaves and branches. Eucalyptus oil is a colorless to light yellow liquid with the smell of camphor and borneol. The main component of eucalyptus oil extraction is eucalyptus brain, with a content of 70% - 90%, and a small amount of aldehydes and terpenes. Eucalyptus oil is refined into essence used in medicine to prepare cough suppressants, mouthwashes, insect repellent ointment, toothpaste, tooth powder, candy, etc.

Eucalyptus essential oil purpose

(1) Eucalyptus oil is one of the most common and widely used essential oils, with good health effects.

(2) Eucalyptus oil can effectively relieve sinus infections, influenza, bronchitis, cold, stuffy nose and other respiratory diseases. Inhalation on a paper towel is the best way. In addition, dripping eucalyptus oil into bath water is also a common way.

(3) Eucalyptus oil is one of the most commonly used essential oils for aromatherapy and massage. When mixed with other essential oils, it can play a calming role as a massage oil. Its rehabilitation characteristics help to relieve mental fatigue, muscle pain and fatigue. The uses of eucalyptus oil include promoting blood circulation and improving heart beat.

(4) With good antibacterial and bactericidal properties, it is often used as the raw material of soap, deodorant, perfume and other personal hygiene products. Those who like henna can add some eucalyptus oil to the dye to increase the color depth and color. Because of its bactericidal effect, it is often used to treat bruises and skin diseases. Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to the pet dog's bath water to prevent parasites and lice. In some specific foods, eucalyptus oil is also used as a spice ingredient. Carrying this essential oil when traveling can effectively resist mosquito bites and treat skin rashes. It is a good mosquito repellent.

(5) Mixing with water can become a simple and effective disinfectant.

(6) Add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to warm water, which can be used as mouthwash to treat sore throat. Many toothpastes, mouthwashes and other dental health products contain eucalyptus oil. In some cases, eucalyptus oil is also used to treat pertussis and asthma. Patients with diabetes can help control their blood pressure level by taking eucalyptus oil orally. Eucalyptus oil can be used to help focus.

Pure eucalyptus oil function and application

Eucalyptus oil is mainly used as a food additive.

It is also mainly used in toothpaste, tooth powder, talcum powder, medicinal soap, cooling oil and other health pharmaceutical products.