Eucommia Bark Extract Chlorogenic Acid
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Eucommia Bark Extract Chlorogenic Acid

Product name: Eucommia Bark Extract Chlorogenic Acid
Specification: Chlorogenic Acid(5% 10% 20% 25% 50% 98%)
CAS No.:327-97-9
Molecular Formula: C16H18O9
Storage: Well-closed, dry place with constant 2-8℃

Eucommia bark extract description

Eucommia chlorogenic acid is a bioactive substance extracted from Eucommia ulmoides leaves. Chlorogenic acid is a light yellow solid powder. Chlorogenic acid is a kind of phenylpropanoid formed in the process of aerobic respiration in plants, and it is also a natural compound with important biological activities.

Eucommia bark powder chemical composition and properties

1. Lignans

There are 27 lignans compounds isolated from Eucommia ulmoides, including dicycloxylignins (such as rosin monoglycosides, rosin disaccharides, or rosin diglucosides, medians, medians monoglycosides, medians disaccharides, syringins, syringin monoglycosides, syringin disaccharides); Single epoxy lignin (such as olivine, olivine disaccharide), cyclic lignin (such as olivine); New lignins (such as dimethyldehydrosuccinol, citrinin B); Sesquilignins (such as otoxin disaccharides), etc. Among them, rosin disaccharide is the main hypotensive component of Eucommia ulmoides bark, syringin disaccharide has anticancer activity, and some lignin compounds have strong inhibitory activity on CAMP phosphodiacetate, so they can be used as vasodilators.

2. Cycloalkoxycarbs

Up to now, 15 kinds of cyclic ether mushroom compounds have been isolated from the skin and leaves. It includes geniposide, geniposide, aucubin, eucommia glycoside, fascioside, geniposide tris and tetramers, and acetic acid vinegar. Genipinic acid has the effects of preventing hypofunction, enhancing memory function, anticancer, antioxidant (anti aging), diarrhea, promoting bile secretion, and hypotension; Genipine II has anti tumor activity and anti complement activity; Peach leaf coral II has inhibitory effect on Gram-negative bacteria and positive bacteria; It has strong analgesic, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects, and can be used clinically to promote wound healing. It can also accelerate the parasympathetic nerve center, accelerate the transfer and excretion of uric acid, and has a significant diuretic effect. The seed content can be as high as 19% to 23%.

3. Phenylpropanoid

Phenylpropanoid substances are widely found in the root bark, stem bark, green leaves, and deciduous leaves of Eucommia ulmoides, including 11 types of chlorogenic acid, fumaric acid, caffeic acid, coniferous acid, coniferous acid, eugenol, and vanillic acid. The whole tree of Eucommia ulmoides contains chlorogenic acid, and the content of chlorogenic acid in the leaves of Eucommia ulmoides can reach 5.28%, 18.75 times that of the bark of Eucommia ulmoides. Chlorogenic acid has a strong antibacterial effect, with cholagogic, hypotensive, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, hemostatic, antioxidant, and elevated white blood cells. It has a significant therapeutic effect on acute pharyngitis and skin diseases, and has a good hemostatic effect on menorrhagia and functional uterine bleeding, and has a similar effect of adrenaline.

4. Other Mushrooms

At present, other withered substances isolated from the bark of Eucommia ulmoides mainly include betulin, betulinic acid, ursolic acid, B-glutamitol, carotene, and so on.

5. Polysaccharides

Eucommia polysaccharide A and Eucommia polysaccharide B were isolated from the bark of Eucommia ulmoides Oliv. Eucommia ulmoides A is an acidic polysaccharide composed of L-arabinose: D-galactose: D-glucose: L-rhamnose: galactouronic acid in a molar ratio of 8: 6: 4: 5: 8; Eucommia ulmoides sugar B is a glycan composed of rhamnose and galactose. Both of the above polysaccharides have an activation effect on the reticuloendothelial system and can enhance the non specific immune function of the body.

Eucommia bark extract powder function  and application

1. Antibacterial and antiviral. The alkaline substance extracted from Eucommia ulmoides has the function of resisting the virus that destroys the human immune system. This substance may be used to prevent and treat AIDS.

2. Eucommia bark extract chlorogenic acid has the antioxidation effect.

3. Eucommia bark extract can scavenge free radicals, anti-aging and anti-musculoskeletal aging.

4. Eucommia bark extract can inhibit mutation and anti-tumor, protect cardiovascular system and reduce blood pressure.