Fennel Flower Seed Oil
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Fennel Flower Seed Oil

Product name: Fennel Oil
CAS No.: 8006-84-6
Boiling point: 227 °C(lit.)
Density: 0.963 g/m at 25 °C(lit.)
Refractive : n20/D 1.538(lit.)

Fennel Flower Seed Oil description

Fennel oil is an essential oil extracted from cumin. Fennel oil is extracted from cumin and is used both for food and medicine, and as a cosmetic essence. In addition, in modern life, fennel oil is used in most beverages, snacks, cold drinks, dairy products, canned products, cigarettes and drugs. 

Fennel flower seed oil functions and applications

Fennel oil is widely used in tobacco, wine and toothpaste industries. It can also be used for fragrance, soap flavoring such as soursin orchid, and the preparation of Cananga artificial oil. Medicinal use has the effect of stomachic and dispelling wind. Its biological activities are as follows:

1. Antibacterial activity

Fennel oil has a significant broad-spectrum antibacterial effect on fungi. It is also found that the content of fennel and mugwort, the main components of volatile oil, is directly proportional to the antibacterial effect of volatile oil.

2. Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect

Research shows that fennel can inhibit liver inflammation in rats, reduce the secretion of tumor necrosis factor TNF-α experimental results show that fennel volatile oil can reduce visceral pain, with analgesic effect.