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Product name: Fucoidan
Botanical name: Laminaria Japonica
Appearance: white powder
Grade:Food Grade
Shelf Life:2 years
Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Fucoidan powder product description

Fucoidan is an organic compound. It is mainly used to treat cancer, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases and renal failure.

Fucoidan function and application

1. Inhibit the growth of tumor cells and treat cancer.

Fucoidan can kill tumor cells by activating macrophages, producing cytotoxins and inhibiting the proliferation of tumor cells.

2. Fucoidan can take the fat in Chyme out of the body, has good lipid-lowering and cholesterol lowering effects, and has no side effects of lipid-lowering drugs.

3. Fucoidan sulfate has been successfully used in the treatment of renal failure. Fucoidan sulfate can reduce blood creatinine and improve urinary protein content. It has an extremely obvious effect on renal failure and nephrotic syndrome.