Gardenia Blue Powder E30
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Gardenia Blue Powder E30

Product Name: Gardenia Blue Powder E30
CAS NO.:106441-42-3
Appearance: dark blue powder

Gardenia blue powder description

Gardenia blue pigment is a natural edible pigment extracted from the fruit of Gardenia jasminoides, a plant of Rubiaceae. Gardenia blue is mainly composed of carotene, safflower and safflower acid. Gardenia blue pigment is light gray to dark blue powder or liquid, which is easily soluble in water, aqueous ethanol, aqueous propylene glycol and other hydrophilic solvents, but not in organic solvents.

Gardenia blue powder characteristic

It has bright color, strong coloring power, good light resistance and heat resistance. Gardenia blue has different models according to different production processes. Different models of products have different colors and PH tolerance. The lower limit of PH tolerance of acid resistant varieties can reach PH2.5 without precipitation, and the PH of common varieties is stable at 4-10.

Gardenia blue powder function and application

Gardenia blue is not directly colored much in food processing. It is mainly used to mix with natural yellow pigments, such as gardenia yellow pigment and safflower yellow pigment, to prepare green pigments of different colors. Compared with extracted chlorophyll, the color of green pigments prepared with gardenia blue pigment can be controlled and acid resistant, and it can be used in acidic foods and beverages. In addition, the gardenia blue pigment can also be matched with various natural red pigments to produce different shades of purple. Therefore, gardenia blue pigment has a wide range of applications in food processing.