Gardenia Yellow Powder
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Gardenia Yellow Powder

Product name: crocin, gardenia yellow
Appearance: orange yellow crystalline powder
Pigment content: 99.9
Alias: α- Safranin
Molecular formula: C44H64O24
Molecular weight: 976.9656
CAS NO.: 94238-00-3
Storage condition: cool and dry place
Shelf life: two years

Gardenia Yellow Powder product description

Gardenia yellow is a kind of natural water-soluble yellow pigment extracted from the fruit of Gardeniajasminoides Ellis, a Rubiaceae plant. Its main components are carotenoid safranin and safranic acid. Gardenia yellow pigment has bright color, non-toxic, good stability, strong dyeing ability, and has the effects of clearing away heat and fire, cooling blood and cholagogic, lowering cholesterol, cancer prevention and health care. Gardenia yellow is widely used in China and many Asian countries. It has been approved in China and other countries to become a legally consumed food colorant.

Gardenia Yellow Powder function and application

1. Gardenia yellow can inhibit the oxidation of 80% linolenic acid, so it can be used as an antioxidant in food processing. It can be used as antioxidant and colorant in food industry.

2. Gardenia yellow has excellent dyeing ability for protein, starch, etc., and can be widely used in cakes, candy, flour, beverages, jelly, biscuits, ice cream and other foods.

3. Gardenia yellow can directly dye silk fabrics. The amount of dye has the greatest impact on the dyeing results, and the improvement performance of dyes is better.

4. Gardenia yellow not only contains pigment components for coloring, but also contains certain saffron acid with high medical value and high price, such as blood harmony, blood circulation, fatigue elimination, pain relief, blood pressure reduction, which can be applied to the pharmaceutical industry.