Gastric Mucin Powder
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Gastric Mucin Powder

Product name: Gastric
Alias: Gastric Mucin
CAS NO.: 10047-33-3
Molecular formula: C97H124N20O31S
Molecular weight: 2098.20000
Appearance: white to yellowish white powder, or yellowish brown particles
Aroma: peptone like odor, slightly salty
Mesh: 80 mesh
Purity: 99%

Gastric mucin powder description

Gastric is also called gastric mucin. It is an anti gastric acid glycoprotein extracted from pig gastric mucosa. The aqueous solution is gray or milky white and precipitates in the presence of weak acid. Gastrin is a natural drug for the treatment of gastric and duodenal ulcer. It can form an adhesive membrane on the inner wall of the stomach, cover the ulcer surface and protect the ulcer wound.

Gastric mucin powder function and application

Gastrin can protect the focus of stomach and duodenal ulcer, so it is used to treat diseases related to stomach and duodenum, such as hyperacidity and duodenal ulcer. It can produce a protective film in the stomach and cover the ulcer surface to reduce the stimulation of gastric acid and facilitate the healing of the ulcer surface.

Gastric chemical property

Light yellow or light gray powder, or small particles. Water swells into paste. Micro-soluble state, slightly pepton-like odor. It has strong adhesion.

Gastric purpose

After taking this product, it will adhere to the inner wall of the stomach, form a protective film on the ulcer wound, reduce the irritation of gastric acid on the ulcer surface, and prevent it from being corroded by gastric acid and gastric enzyme, so as to achieve the purpose of healing the wound. It can be used for stomach, duodenal ulcer and hyperacidity.

Gastric production method

The sediment of gastrin obtained from the production of pepsin is squeezed out of water, fully torn and washed with twice the amount of cold acetone, and then left for 24 hours, and acetone is poured out. Wash it with cold acetone once more, pour out acetone after 24h, stir it with 2 times of fresh acetone, soak it for 48h, pour out acetone, press it dry, and get the wet product of gastric membrane element. Dry the wet product with water content no more than 5%, crush it with a ball mill, and sift through 60 meshes to obtain gastric membrane element. For gastric mucus, the total yield is 1.2-1.5%.