Geranium Pure Essential Oil
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Geranium Pure Essential Oil

Product name: Geranium oil
CAS No.: 8000-46-2
Boiling point: 250-258 °C(lit.)
Density: 0.887 g/ml at 25 °C(lit.)
Refractive: n20/D 1.5335(lit.)
Molecular weight: 236.34986

Geranium oil description

Geranium essential oil is a kind of essential oil extracted from geranium flowers. The essential oil is yellow-green. Pelargonium is often counterfeited as rose essence because it tastes a little like a rose, but on closer inspection, it can be distinguished by its lemon flavor. Although the "feminine quality" of geranium essential oil is not as obvious as that of rose, the taste of geranium can be said to be between the sweetness of rose oil and the intensity of vervet orange, and its neutral quality makes it very easy to mix with other essential oils. Dropping a few drops of geranium essential oil into the hot water for soaking feet can achieve the purpose of activating blood channels and removing beriberi and foot odor.

Geranium oil effect

1. Main efficacy

(1) It can relieve pain, resist bacteria, stretch into the scar, enhance the cell defense function, deodorize, stop bleeding, and strengthen the body.

(2) It is applicable to all skin, has deep purification and astringent effect, and balances sebum secretion.

(3) Promote skin cell regeneration, repair scars and stretch marks.

2. Effect of geranium essential oil on skin

(1) Suitable for all kinds of skin, can balance sebum secretion and make skin plump.

(2) It is also good for loose, blocked pores and oily skin, and can be called a comprehensive cleansing oil.

(3) Geranium can promote blood circulation and make pale skin ruddy and energetic.

(4) It may be beneficial to eczema, burns, herpes zoster, herpes, ringworm and chilblain.

3. The psychological effect of geranium essential oil

(1) It can calm anxiety and depression, and also boost mood.

(2) It affects the adrenal cortex, restores psychological balance and relieves stress.

Geranium oil function

1. The sweet floral fragrance of geranium can make people relax and calm. It can be used for incense to create an atmosphere of love and harmony. Therefore, such as wedding anniversary, dating or friend gathering, you can incense geranium essential oil, which is very good, convenient and simple.

2. When we wash our hair, we can drop 2~3 geranium essential oil into a basin of warm water after washing our hair, and soak our hair in the water with essential oil, which can not only maintain the hair, but also make the hair emit light fragrance in a few days, and increase your feminine charm. Of course, it can also be directly dropped into shampoo.

3. Geranium essential oil is also very suitable for skin care. It has a fragrance and has the effect of astringent sterilization. It can balance the secretion of sebaceous glands. It is very suitable for dry or mixed skin. Its refreshing aroma and characteristics make it the main additive of skin care products.

4. Geranium essential oil is also an essential oil for people to reach middle age. It is suitable for all skin types, can promote the circulation of body fluids, and make pale skin ruddy and energetic. Therefore, when it is difficult to maintain the radiance of the skin with age, you can use geranium to increase the ruddy luster of the skin. At the same time, after middle age, the chest will inevitably have the worry of sagging and sagging. Geranium essential oil is also the main component of chest massage oil.

5. Like all flower essential oils, geranium has good bactericidal and antidepressant abilities. In addition, it has astringent and hemostatic effects, so it is suitable for treating wounds and helping wound recovery.