Ginger Root Essential Oil
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Ginger Root Essential Oil

Product name: Ginger oil
CAS NO.: 8007-08-7
Main ingredients: 6-gingerol (≥ 15%), gingerene, gingerol, etc
Appearance: brownish red clear oily liquid
Aroma: the pungent smell of ginger

Ginger root essential oil description

Ginger oil is obtained from the rhizome of ginger, a perennial herb of Zingiberaceae native to Jamaica, India and China, by drying, grinding and steam distillation. The oil yield is about 1.5% - 3.0%. It can also be extracted by cold grinding or cold pressing, and the oil yield is 0.27% - 0.33%, and the quality is better than that of distillation. Ginger oil is currently widely used in the food processing industry.

Ginger oil main components

Curcumone, curcumenol, curcumene, water celery, acanthene, cineole, borneol, bornyl acetate, geraniol, linalool, nonanal, decanal, etc.

Ginger root essential oil character

The color gradually darkens from light yellow to yellow-brown, and will thicken after long time. Relative density 0.870~0.882, refractive index (20 ℃) 1.488~1.494. It has the smell of fresh ginger and tastes spicy. It is soluble in most non-volatile oil and mineral oil, insoluble in glycerol and propylene glycol, and has certain antioxidant effect.

Ginger essential oil hair care effect

The water-soluble ginger oil is mixed in the shampoo to massage the scalp and hair. The ingredients such as gingerol and gingerol oil can normalize the blood circulation of the head skin, promote the metabolism of the scalp, activate the hair follicle tissue, effectively prevent hair loss, white hair, stimulate the growth of new hair, inhibit the itching of the scalp, and strengthen the hair root Repair the hair root and hair follicle, promote the healthy growth of hair, and achieve the repair effect of "hair follicle stem cells".

Ginger root essential oil function and application

1. Ginger oil is used as a seasoning and flavoring agent for food and beverages.

2. In the field of health care, ginger oil has been developed and applied to promote digestion and other health products.

3. Ginger oil is used with base oil. It can also be added to personal care products, toiletries and hair care products.