Glacial Acetic Acid
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Glacial Acetic Acid

Product Name: Glacial acetic acid
CAS NO.: 64-19-7
Molecular formula: C2H4O2
Molecular weight: 60.05
EINECS NO.: 200-580-7
Appearance:Transparent liquid
Storage condition:Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.

Glacial acetic acid description

It is widely distributed in nature, such as fruit or vegetable oil. Glacial acetic acid mainly exists in the form of ester. It exists in the form of free acid in animal tissues, excreta and blood. Many microorganisms can convert different organic substances into glacial acetic acid through fermentation.

Glacial acetic acid function and application

1. Glacial acetic acid is a bulk chemical product and one of the most important organic acids. It is mainly used to produce acetic anhydride, acetate and cellulose acetate.

2. Acetate formed from lower alcohol is an excellent solvent and it can be widely used in coating industry.

3. It is used to produce acetate, such as manganese, sodium, lead, aluminum, zinc, cobalt and other metal salts.

4. It is widely used as catalyst and assistant in fabric dyeing and leather tanning industry.

5. It can also be used as analytical reagent, organic synthesis, pigment and drug synthesis.