Glycyrrhetinic Acid
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Glycyrrhetinic Acid

Product name: Glycyrrhetinic Acid
Glycyrrhetinic Acid, glycyrrhetic acid
Enoxolone, 18-beta Glycyrrhetnic acid
Latin Name: Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch.
CAS No.: 471-53-4
Molecular Formula: C30H46O4
Molecular Weight: 470.69
Specification: 97.0%
Appearance: White crystallize powder
Grade: Comestic grade, Medical grade

18 alpha glycyrrhetinic acid product description

Glycyrrhetinic acid is formed by hydrolysis of glycyrrhizic acid to remove glycyrrhizic acid chain. Its sweetness is 250 times that of sucrose. Glycyrrhetinic acid is cytotoxic.

18 beta glycyrrhetinic acid function and application

1. Glycyrrhetinic acid is a component of traditional Chinese medicine, which is mainly formed by hydrolysis of glycyrrhetinic acid to desaccharic acid chain, and has anti-inflammatory effect on skin.

2. Glycyrrhetinic acid can prevent cancer.

3. Glycyrrhetinic acid mainly exists in skin care products and drugs in daily life. Its main functions on the skin are moisturizing, removing spots, relieving dry itching and other symptoms. At the same time, glycyrrhetinic acid has certain effects on preventing allergy, melanin production and delaying skin aging.