Goji Berry Extract Powder
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Goji Berry Extract Powder

Product name: Goji Berry Powder
Botanical name: Lycium barbarum L.
Appearance:Red Powder
Used part:Fruit
Test Method:TLC
Specification: 80-120 mesh
Grade:Food Grade
Shelf Life:2 years
Storage:Store in cool and dry place

Goji Berry Extract Powder description

Goji berry powder is made of natural Goji after low-temperature baking, ripening and powdering.

Goji Berry Extract Powder function and application

1. Goji berry powder can tonify the kidney and essence, nourish the liver and brighten the eyes. It has the function of tonifying blood and calming the mind. It is suitable for patients with insomnia.

2. It has a good protective effect on cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, prevents hypertension and softens blood vessels.

3. It can also improve the body's immune ability and enhance the body's ability to prevent diseases.