Green Lip Mussel Powder
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Green Lip Mussel Powder

Product Alias: Emerald mussel, green-lipped mussel, green clam, light vegetables, etc.
Application parts: Shell
Geographical distribution: distributed in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Korea and Taiwan.
Product Appearance: Powder
Production process: spray drying
Appearance: loose powder, no lumps, no visible impurities
Water: ≤ 5%
Total number of colonies: <1000
Specification: 80 grid-100 grid
Salmonella: no
E. coli: no
Storage condition: cool and dry, avoid high temperature and light

Green Lip Mussel Powder description

Mussel dry matter protein content of up to 59.1%, amino acid composition is perfect. Essential amino acid content accounts for 33.2% of the total amino acids, much higher than eggs, chicken, duck, fish, shrimp and meat. In addition to 20 common amino acids, but also contains β-aminobutyric acid, ornithine, taurine and other amino acids, most of these amino acids exist in free form in the mussel's tissues and organs, with important physiological activity. Especially rich in natural taurine. Research shows that the physiological function of taurine involves the retina, central nervous system, cardiovascular system, liver and biliary system, endocrine system, etc., and participate in a variety of metabolic processes in the human body. Taurine has anti-inflammatory and detoxification effects, protects liver and gallbladder, lowers blood lipids, promotes children's brain development, and calms and strengthens the brain.

Green Lip Mussel Powder function and application

Biochemical scientists from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia have discovered that the green-lipped mussel from New Zealand contains an active substance with anti-inflammatory properties. This active substance may become an effective drug for the treatment of rheumatic diseases. According to the Japanese "daily industrial news" (daily industrial news) reported that unprocessed green-lipped mussel extract contains an active ingredient with anti-inflammatory function. Expert test results show that this active ingredient is a special protein. Australian scientists conducted an experimental chemistry book and feasibility study on the value of this active ingredient as an anti-rheumatic drug. They believe that this substance in the green-lipped mussel may be of great importance in the future treatment of rheumatic diseases. Antitumor effect Currently, the antitumor activity of mussel extract has been reported at home and abroad, using supercritical carbon dioxide extraction technology from mussel powder extracted camptothecin can effectively inhibit the human neutrophil 5-LOX pathway and platelet 12-LOX pathway, thereby inducing programmed apoptosis of tumor cells and inhibiting tumor cell migration.