Green Stem Vegetable Powder
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Green Stem Vegetable Powder

 Product name: green stem vegetable powder
Appearance: green powder
Specification: 80 mesh - 120 mesh
Storage: ventilated and dry, cool and mothproof, and stored away from light
Shelf life: two years


Green superfood powder product description

Green stem vegetable (a kind of Chinese cabbage), also known as Xiaotang vegetable, is a kind of Chinese cabbage. Green stem vegetables taste crisp and natural. They can be used in Japanese, Western and Chinese cuisine at will. At the same time, it is also a yellow green vegetable with high value. It can be easily cultivated with seeds for a long time.

Organic green superfood powder function and application

1. Although green stem vegetable is a kind of green vegetable, it has a Cong of medicinal value. Green stem vegetable powder has a good heat removing effect and can also defecate. It can effectively alleviate hangover and constipation, and adjust the intestine.

2. Green stem vegetable powder contains a lot of carotene and vitamin C, as well as a lot of mineral elements such as calcium, iron and so on.