Green Tea Flavor Extract
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Green Tea Flavor Extract

Product Name: Green tea flavor
Alias:Green tea flavour;Green tea essence
CAS NO.: 4955-90-2
Molecular formula: C10H18O2
Appearance: Light green or transparent liquid

Green tea flavor description

Green tea is a kind of tea with green color and green fragrance without fermentation. Green tea flavor is made from the mixture of green tea extract and other Chinese herbal extracts. It is easy to drink and suitable for large-scale production.

Green tea flavor chemical property

Light green volatile transparent liquid. Soluble in water, insoluble in grease. It has a strong green tea fragrance.

Green tea flavor function and application

1. This product has the function of fixing and adjusting fragrance, and it has good integration. It can be perfectly integrated with the raw materials of food and daily chemical products. It can not only coordinate the overall aroma of the product, cover the impurities, but also highlight the fresh and elegant green tea flavor of the product, enrich the green tea taste of the food, and enhance the quality of the product.

2. This product is widely used in green tea drinks, green tea cold drinks and other beverage products. It can not only enhance the fresh and natural green tea aroma of the product, but also enrich the refreshing taste of the product.

3. It is used in cakes, ice cream and other products to make the products have a refreshing green tea flavor.

4. It is also used in daily chemical products, with pure and natural green tea aroma, fresh and light, and lasting aftertaste.

Green tea flavor ingredients

Alcohols: Folanol, hexanol, linalool, linalool oxide, nerol, geraniol, terpineol, phenylethanol, benzyl alcohol, anisol.

Aldehydes: 2-hexenal, nonaldehyde, benzaldehyde, phenylacetaldehyde, furfural, 2,4-hexadienal.

Esters: Folyl acetate, Folyl caproate, methyl o-aminobenzoate.

Other raw materials: 2-acetylpyrrole, 1-ethyl-2-acetylpyrrole, dimethyl sulfide, green tea tincture.

Green tea flavor preparation method

(1) Mix salivary ether, menthol, musk, phenylethyl phenylacetate, green tea extract and dipropylene glycol, dissolve and stir evenly;

(2) Add the rest of the raw materials, stir evenly, carry out high-pressure homogenization treatment, and filter after standing to obtain green tea essence.