Hamamelis Extract/ Witch Hazel Extract
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Hamamelis Extract/ Witch Hazel Extract

Product name: Hamamelis Extract/ Witch Hazel Extract
Used Part: leaves and bark
Active Ingredient: 3% tannic acid
Specification: 5:1,10:1,20:1
Extraction method: Steam distillation
Appearance: Brown powder

Hamamelis extract product description

Hamamelis mollis Oliver, also known as marigold, Stephania, rose, Hamamelidaceae, Hamamelis deciduous shrub or small tree, up to 8 meters high. Hamamelis extract has high beauty value and is often used in the field of cosmetics.

Hamamelis virginiana extract function and application

1. Hamamelis contains special softness factor. It can soothe unstable skin, help the skin recover its calmness, maintain metabolic balance and eliminate skin discoMolecular Formulaort.

2. Hamamelis extract can control oil secretion. It helps regulate the skin's water and oil balance, effectively improves skin moisture content and balances pH value, so it can eventually shrink the pores.

3. Hamamelis has special curative effect on fungal infection. Patients with psoriasis, eczema, varicose veins or hemorrhoids. Hamamelis extract can be used to soak in sitz bath to improve skin condition.

4. Hamamelis extract can reduce the free radical damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and has anti-aging effect.