Hami Melon Powder
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Hami Melon Powder

Product name:Hami Melon Powder
Latin Name: Cucumis melo var. saccharinus
Specification: 100-120 mesh
Appearance: White powder
Shelf life:24 months
Grade:Food grade

Cantaloupe powder product description

Hami melon powder is made from ripe and intact cantaloupe, without adding any flavor or coloring, which keeps the original color and flavor of cantaloupe. Cantaloupe is rich in nutrition and high in medicinal value. The main components of hami melon powder are as follows: protein, dietary fiber, carotene, pectin, sugars, vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C, phosphorus, sodium and potassium.

Cantaloupe juice powder function and application

1. Hami melon powder is rich in carotene, which can protect the retina and prevent myopia and cataract.

2. It is rich in antioxidants, which can reduce the pigmentation on the skin, so as to whiten and lighten spots and delay aging.

3. It can regulate nerve function and relieve tension.

4. It can reduce cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.

5. Hami melon powder can eliminate human fatigue.