Heptanoic Acid
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Heptanoic Acid

Product Name: Heptanoic acid
Alias: Heptansαure; Hepthlic acid; Heptoic acid
CAS NO.: 111-14-8
Molecular formula: C7H14O2
Molecular weight: 130.18
EINECS NO.: 203-838-7
Appearance:Colorless oily liquid
Storage condition:Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.

Heptanoic acid description

Heptanoic acid is an organic compound and an important organic synthesis intermediate. It is mainly used as a synthetic raw material for spices, medicines, lubricants and plasticizers.

It is formed by carbonylation of 1-hexene with synthesis gas (CO+H2) to form heptaldehyde, which is then oxidized by air.

Heptanoic acid function and application

Heptanoic acid is mainly used to produce heptanoate products.