Hexanoic Acid
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Hexanoic Acid

Product Name: Hexanoic acid
CAS NO.: 142-62-1
Molecular formula: C6H12O2
Molecular weight: 116.158
EINECS NO.: 205-550-7
Appearance:colorless liquid
Storage condition:Store in a cool, ventilated warehouse.

Hexanoic acid description

Hexanoic acid is an organic compound, which is a straight chain carboxylic acid with six carbons. It is a colorless liquid, insoluble in water, and miscible with ethanol, ether, acetone, chloroform, benzene and other organic solvents.

Hexanoic acid function and application

It is often used as an edible spice, which is mainly used in cheese, cream and fruit essence.

It can also be used as perfume, thickener of lubricating oil, rubber processing assistant, varnish drying agent, etc.