Honeysuckle Extract
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Honeysuckle Extract

Product name: Honeysuckle extract
CAS No.:14534-61-3
Molecular Formula: C25H24O12
Used Part: flowers
Active Ingredient: chlorogenic acid
Specification: 5% ~ 98% of chlorogenic acid
Extraction method: Water extraction, dilute alcohol extraction
Appearance: Yellow-brown or brown powder

Honeysuckle fruit extract product description

Honeysuckle extract is extracted from the natural plant honeysuckle. Its main component is chlorogenic acid. Its color is brown powder and it can be used as raw material for drugs, health products and cosmetics.

Honeysuckle flower extract function and application

1. Honeysuckle extract has cardiovascular protection, anti-cancer, lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic and anti leukemia effects.

2. Honeysuckle extract can be used to regulate immunity.

3. Honeysuckle extract has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant effects.